Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm taking a break....

I haven't posted lately and I'm not sure when I shall return. We have one computer for our family of 5. With me constantly doing posts to this blog it has caused problems. Plus, not going to bed until 2am from working on this blog and then waking bright and early with the kids at 7am was taking a toll on me. I wasn't asking for instant gratification from the blog. I was just hoping for a little acknowledgement from someone saying they liked my blog or new followers would gave me more encouragement to plug along. Also, my desktop computer is ancient from like 2002!! So, it has been giving me all kinds of fits and not very cooperative to add the things I would like to my blog. Maybe I'm whining or maybe I'm going to stop for once because this isn't making me happy right now. I hope to return when this is something full filling to me.

Take care,


  1. i know that blogs can be a LOT of work - and totally understand (from experience) how there needs to be some kind of balance between blogging and home responsibilities. i've REALLY appreciated all the work you put into it, and totally respect your hiatus. blessings to you, dear one.

  2. The time you spend on this blog must be a is terrific! I just found you a couple weeks ago and am a horrid commenter. I should have known better, as comments are what makes a blogger feel as though their time is appreciated. I understand and wish you all the best.

  3. You are LOVED Jess! I cannot even begin to imagine how much work you put into this blog!!!! You do an amazing job at it and are very much appreciated by me.... and I know many others who appreciate you also. Hope to see you at our last MOMENTS next Thursday. :-)

  4. Your blog is awesome, Jess! But for it to be as great as it is must require a lot of time and work. I totally get that, but I am looking forward to reading your blogs in the future when your batteries are charged again. :-)